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Zia Play Along
Sep 14, 2021
In General Discussions
Do you remember playing with well-crafted beautiful wooden toys? As kids, we used to run our hands on them to feel their unique texture. Wooden Sensory Toy Sets have been quite popular and fun play objects at homes, playgroups, and schools. Kids love to hold and explore things, and these are among the best toys for them. Keep reading to know the advantages of wooden toys for children- Environment Friendly Wooden toys are biodegradable and can be recycled. In fact, at 'Zia Play Along,' we make sure there are no toxic chemicals or paints applied to them. As a parent, we understand that kids love to take toys to their mouth while playing. So make sure to check the materials used before buying toys for children. These are an alternative to cheap and fragile plastic toys. Educational Qualities Wooden toys offer a variety of learning opportunities. Popular wooden toys like puzzles, building blocks, and little toolsets help children with learning numbers, alphabets; develop motor and problem-solving skills. Sturdiness and durability The low-grade plastic toys hardly last a week in toddlers' hands! They have an active brain and a mischievous heart that wants to explore everything. It sometimes means dismantling all the parts of a new toy as soon as they get them. However, wooden toys can withstand rough treatment and even last for generations. A few scratches and these toys will last for who knows how long. Inspires Imagination Modern toys can be overwhelming for small kids with all their sounds, colours and digital screens. But wooden toys are like a blank canvas! They are free to project all the wildness and blooming imagination on these simple playthings. And kids prefer to play with sticks and spoons than those complicated toys. Safety Plastic toys can be dangerous for children. Kids can swallow small toy parts that come apart. Some materials are toxic and cause allergies too. Wooden Toys are Tactile Unlike lightweight plastic toys, wooden toys with weight are beneficial for children with delayed sensory development. The tactile element of wooden toys help children think more and use more energy to play and discover the texture. Less Screen Time Wooden toys like memory games, sensory sound boxes, train tracks, vegetable, kitchen and utensil sets; keep children engaged for longer. They inspire unstructured playtime away from video games, mobile and television screens. We all remember playing with wooden toys, and they remind us of more traditional, simple toys. 'Zia Play Along' provides a beautiful collection of Waldorf Toys in Ontario. In fact, there is free delivery available on all orders made in Canada and the USA. Wooden toolbox, sensory utensils, kitchen and house sets are some of the most popular toys on our website. Want to explore? We will be back with fun tips, games and playtime golden wisdom nuggets in our next blog. Till then, keep playing and exploring with your little ones!
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