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Welcome to explore our world of Interior Design. It will enable your third eye to look into deeper elegance.

Who We Are


Are you looking for “all in one” to design inside of you construction?  Then you are in the right place.

Luxurious  Interior Decoration (LID Interior) is an Interior Design company does both design and decoration. We are devoted to art of space since 2001, working to make your space more beautiful, more comfortable and more functionable. Art is an worship for us. We believe in simplicity with excellency. If you are thinking to make your space a better space, you are in the right place.


We do all kinds of works including residential,   commercial and enterprise type of projects. We have been experienced with local, national and International level projects. We are not only oriented to orders but also feel responsible for a better and sustainable world. That's why we influence to introduce “goGreen” projects- which will give you a Eco-friendly environment.     


You will get all the service in one place from planning to execution and make it live. Even we are here for the post project services and products.  You will find all the furnitures, accessories to make the place stunning look and most functioning outfit. And not to mention about the post project warranty.  You will have completely safe and relaxed feelings after you have given the responsibility to us. Because if any kind of difficulty or uncomfortability after handing over the place- just knock us and we will be there to sort the problem out. Even there is a replacement warranty of most of the products  and accessories.


We have completely independent departments for all sects of works so that they can do their work without any unexpected intervention of other type of works.

With a group of talented,  creative and obviously sophisticated team we are working with. The are most update, blessed with the ultimate touch of arts and technology.      

We have been associated with all kind of projects.  We are working with such experts who have been trained from the best institutions in India and abroad. They are able to see what you might not even thought to see! They have the mixtures of world class designs in their mind that will make your place incredible.

We even have a very responsive customer support team who are dedicated to assist you in any kind of inconvenience.   

We keep in touch with our clients by regularly communicating with them even if our work done. We value the relationship more than anything. LiD is proud to have their satisfied clients. We are proud to present our clients review about us (with their kind consent of sharing) here.

We always think of our clients convenience. In this website you will be able to see everything, the insides and insights about our company by sitting at your home so that you don’t even need to travel a long way to our office address. In this website we present you our portfolio, well organized gallery, sample designs, our mentionable projects, client reviews and so on.

We also present latest articles for your kind information and smooth idea regarding interior design world. We even facilitate you to express your thoughts and latent talents here connect with the world of interior designers. The most exclusive thing we brought here is that- the digital order system with full price chart in a table. You can check the customised price chart for a better idea about possible quotation.  


We take order and go through the 10-Ambient Steps to process to fulfil the project.


Roam around our web portal dedicated to you.


Luxurious  Interior Design (LiD) cordially welcomes you in the world of their creativity.


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