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Basic Interior Decoration



Residencial Interior

Here we present you the most affordable budget category which can offer you the design with the most essential components which can fulfill your primary requirements for a residential interior design. We design your place with the lowest possible price to satisfy your demand. This is specially to keep in touch with clients from almost every end.


**You will get the products and material warranty according to the manufactured company. Beyond this- you also get an extra 2 months of free “post order service” from us (the Lid) for further defects or difficulties in the Basic Interior Design category. We will recover any defect in the material within this period.

Basic Interior

Residencial Interior


Our Category

Residential place is a residential area or building is where people live. It’s suitable for personal residing. Residential buildings are mostly consist of bedroom, living room, dining room, dressing room, media room, kids room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, corridor, main door, puja room etc.There are various kind of materials and components are used in the Residential Interior Design. And that’s why there is a wide range of interior design work depends on how much investment is done in a same place. There are too many options are available in interior field from low to high quality that the same place can be designed with million types of materials, and can be decorated by billions types of products. By doing this the same place can be changed in such a way that it will make you total confused and astonished.  We therefore categorised this design and decoration into 4 different parts which are suitable for different kind of demands of our clients.  These categories are specially customised according to different standards of requirements, material qualities and last but not the least- the budgets. These are: Basic, Standard, Luxury and Luxury Plus. There are various kind of clients having different tests as well as different range of budgets. Our well defined categories will help each and every  kind of clients to work with us. Here we present details of each category along with its materials rating in a scale of 10*. We provide 4* quality materials in Basic, 6* quality materials in Standard, 8* quality materials in Luxury and 10* quality materials in Luxury Plus category.