Frequently asked questions

What is Daigou?

Daigou (pronounced “dye-go”) translated literally from mandarin is “to buy on behalf of someone.” The person doing the buying (i.e. you) is also known as a daigou! For more information, do read our very first blog post here.

What does FindDaigou.com do?

FindDaigou.com helps to connect people who want items purchased from overseas with people who are willing to bring those items back (Travellers/ Daigou). As a daigou, you will also be able to post your upcoming travel plans on the platform for customers to request items from you, or even host pre-orders for items you think might be popular in your home country! Click here to sign up for early access to start earning money on your travels.

What is in it for me as a Traveller?

You will be able to earn some extra cash to supplement your travels by helping customers purchase and bringing back items from overseas.

Get to know the "hottest" new items based on what people are requesting and buy some for yourself too!

I’m interested to be a buyer! What should I do to participate?

You will be able to join the beta by clicking here.

Are there any costs I need to be aware of?

Other than the original cost price of the item, you might need to be aware of import taxes that might be charged on arrival in your home country.

FindDaigou will also take a percentage of the agreed price as a service fee. This fee is required to cover FindDaigou’s operational costs and will be calculated for you while you and the customer are under negotiations. This is so you will be aware of the final amount you will receive.

Who is responsible for VAT/ GST Declarations?

Different countries have different import tax laws, but generally all buyers need to declare that they are bringing items in from overseas and to pay the relevant import taxes.

Some countries have implemented an import tax relief up to a certain amount if the item is for personal use. Travellers are usually required to pay GST on items carried for, or on behalf of someone else.

Please refer to your relevant import tax ministry website for more information.

When will I receive my payment?

You will receive payment from FindDaigou within 7 working days of the buyer confirming receipt and inspection.

What are Pre-orders?

For travellers that are going on a trip, they can host a pre-order for items that they think might be popular in their home country. Travellers can then receive requests for the item and bulk purchase them on their trip!