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  • 1. Where is your company located?
    To add a new question go toFor any queries, please reach us at our office - 1/58 Azadgarh, Ground Floor, Samajgarh park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700040 Are you thinking about giving your space a breathtaking look? LID Interior is here to offer you a plethora of beautiful designs that will not only keep you hooked but also show your enhanced sense of aesthetics. Be it your office space or home interior; we will make sure the final look comes out just the way you've imagined. Get in touch with us to check out our previous work and do the evaluation.
  • 2. When can I visit your office?
    Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps: Our operating hours are as follows: Monday:- 10:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Tuesday:- 10:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Wednesday:- 10:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Thursday:- 10:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Friday:- 10:30 Am - 10:30 Pm Saturday:- 10:30 Am - 6:30 Pm Sunday:- Closed Having a one-to-one conversation always helps us to understand our client's requirements. That's why we ask you to visit our physical office in Azadgarh, Kolkata, if possible. Though our support assistance is there 24x7 at your service, if you want a more streamlined discussion, you must opt for reaching out to us in person. Our best-in-class market-leading designers will workout on the plan alongside you. We always prioritize your requirements more than anything else. So having a meeting in our office will definitely secure you with a fertile result. Have a look at our opening and closing hours to set up a meeting.
  • 3. How can I contact you to chat with your executives?
    We are here to help you with your questions anytime, call us at our Customer Care No- 8882708709, 9073210444; Follow the steps after calling the service number - press 1 for Residential Interiors, 2 for Commercial Interiors, and 3 for Home decoration product related queries. Send us email at official email ids-, At LID interior, we strive to be present at your service round the clock. No matter whether you are asking for assistance in an odd hour or a working hour, one of our core members will be there to help you out. We use multiple channels to talk to our clients. You can opt for any of those to have a chat regarding your queries. We always give our best shot to answer you in a way, which will perfectly fit into the frame of your requirements. Connecting with us is easier than ever now as you are getting a handful of options. Wondering what? Here, take a look. You can visit our, anytime to know about our previous projects and check our quality of work. Also, you can write to us at Explain your questions in detail and attach your contact details. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call at 8882708709 to discuss your requirements with our team leaders. After dialing the number, press 1 for Residential, 2 for Commercial, and 3 for Home decoration product related queries. We promise to quench all your queries with proper resolution.
  • 4. What type of design services do you offer? How well does it suit my requirements?
    Our key services: Residential, Commercial and Decorative Products Being established in the market for years, our LID Interior understands and values our clients’ requirements. We aim to explore an ocean of ideas to provide you with the latest design options. Instead of picking some random basic designs, we prefer to understand our clients and get a clear idea of what they want. This helps us keep a crystal clear bonding with our clients, and our services become absolutely appropriate for their chosen premises. Keeping your primary needs in mind, our LID Interiors services are available for both Residential and Commercial purposes. We also offer the high quality decoration materials to enhance the outlook of the interiors of your house. Residential: Home is where you can feel uninterrupted and comfortable. A perfect atmosphere at home keeps you calm and intensely happy. We, at LID Interiors, aim to give your home a comfy look, so you don't mind spending hours there with an overwhelming heart. Some of us prefer to keep it simple and compact, while the rest usually likes to keep it elegant and wholly decorated. We do it all with our creative minds and keep you ahead of the rest. In fact, your small apartment becomes enchanting and beautifully decorated with our compact home design ideas. Commercial: No matter how much you try to maintain a friendly atmosphere at your office, there is always someone opposing you for everything. So let's not brainstorm about it and emphasize on keeping your office decor elegant and enthusiastic. This way, you effortlessly enhance your industry goodwill and strengthen your identity. Working in a nicely decorated office is a dream of every intern. And they tend to give their best when the atmosphere around is healthy and enlightened. So it's never too late to get in touch with our LID Interiors and get a reasonable quote for designing and enlightening your office decor. Decoration Products: Just assisting you with 2D & 3D plannings of the interior designing services are not the ultimate solution. That's why, along with the projection of your dream home design we provide every kind of decoration material required for the project. We will offer all sorts of interior designing products and complete solutions to the interior designing work at one place.
  • 5. What types of Projects does your LID Interiors cover?
    The residential projects are classified into four categories: - Basic Interior Project (BIP), Standard Interior Project (SIP), Luxurious Interior Project (LIP), and Luxury Plus Interior Project (LPIP). Depending upon the direction of our work, we put effort into different kinds of projects. This not only sharpens our skills but also helps us gain expertise in a plethora of designs. Usually, we work on three separate project networks that are in high demand these days. Let's have a glimpse of our project types - BIP - Basic Interior Project for your residential or commercial purposes also fall under our services. We help you get a perfect design for your premises within an affordable budget. We have the essential components to satisfy your primary interior requirements while wiping off the fear of paying extra for it. As you connect with our experts with your requirements, you get to understand more about it. SIP - Standard Interior Project offers a little extra with quality essentials and standard design choices. Our standard designs give a featured look to your commercial or residential premises and help you get an eye-soothing atmosphere by paying a little more. Even these designs come under an affordable quote instead of draining out all your money. We work pre-planned and avoid unnecessary spendings. LIP - Luxurious Interior Project is the primary field of our work. Along with the constantly emerging interior trends, our LID Interiors simultaneously emphasizes luxury and comfort. From every nook and corner, we offer the most commendable designs for your home or office decor. So people entering your premises, experience a grand environment with the perfect lighting and eye-soothing decor. LPIP - There are no limitations in the field of creativity in this technologically developed and enhanced world. Luxury Plus Interior Project is a special project that provides an international level design with technological advances. You can control your house interiors from a distant place. This is the next level feature that has changed the outlook of interior designing.
  • 6. What does BIP mean, and what are its aspects?"
    Good & Standard quality materials, Basic design with free service for 15 months In order to revamp your entire living, it's essential to understand the primary requirements of interior design. Our professionals create a basic plan for the decoration of your premises after understanding your needs. The idea of our Basic Interior Project (BIP) services is to provide you with a suitable home or office decor design that fits your criteria and is cost-effective at the same time. In that case, we aim at fulfilling a few basic requirements stated by our valuable clients. Colour, the mood maker that never fails in creating illusions. Form, that decides the shape and size of every object we decide to put inside. Texture, the touch and feel creator that eradicates all other aspects and gives a feeling-good vibe. Mass, the bulk of eye-soothing important objects occupying particular areas of the interior. Line, the creation of boundaries around an object or bulk of objects is essential to create a neat look inside the room. Our professionals work together with these primary essentials in order to attain certain goals. This we provide you with a unified whole that matches your criteria and enhances your decor. Remember, it's never too late to experience the luxury and good vibes
  • 7. What does SIP mean, and what are its aspects?"
    Good quality products, Basic design with free service for 27months The whole idea of Standard Interior Project or SIP is to collaborate, brainstorm, and come up with an elegant standard design for your preferred premises. Planning for designing a living or workspace requires a lot of brainstorming. Starting from the floor to the ceiling decoration, everything needs to be pre-planned. Our professionals minutely look after every aspect of Standard Interior Decoration and needs. Building Regulations: The entire area where your premises already stands, follows certain rules and regulations regarding the building architecture. The new extensions and builds need to comply with those regulations mentioned in the government-approved documents. Floor Plans: Measuring the floor dimensions is our first and foremost job to look into. As the dimensions instantly limit ‘what’ and ‘how many’ the entire room can fit. We create a perfect floor plan first, including where to keep the tea table, how to place the sofa, and the cupboard. If it's about designing a workspace, floor plans are essential to fit in multiple desks and chairs perfectly in each cabin. Dimensions for different rooms: The bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen should have particular designs depending upon their exact measurements. Starting from the bed, cupboard and table placements to keeping the basin, the bathtub or the kitchen chimney, all of them should be planned after measuring the dimensions of the entire area accurately.
  • 8. What does LIP mean, and what are its aspects?"
    Good quality products, Basic design with free service for 39 months Creating a Luxurious Interior Project on a suitable budget is like a beautiful dream. At LID Interiors, we make your dreams come true with our quality-approved designs and equipment. We aim to provide you with the ultimate comfort and elegance at your home or office. The Luxurious Interior Project requires a lot more attention, creativity, and skills from our professionals, and we make it better with our years of expertise in the field. Creating more lights: A luxury decor full of lights looks impressive and elegant. However, in order to amplify the looks, it's essential to understand which light will fit the atmosphere and how to implement it inside the rooms. For example, the kitchen light and bedroom lights have to represent wholly different concepts. Window Dressing: Windows are the most precious corners of a room. A beautifully designed window calms down your mind and instantly lifts up your mood. The choice of casement glasses to picking up the right curtains are both important in building the bond between your room and its windows. Painting it well: Whether it's your kitchen or your drawing room, creativity is necessary while painting the walls. First of all, we take suggestions from our clients, and then we pour our own ideas to design your walls with your dreams. Our professionals are experts in building your walls stronger and eye-soothing with the suitable paint coat, so it doesn't get damaged easily.
  • 9. What does LPIP mean, and what are its aspects?"
    Good quality products, Basic design with free service for 51months This category is slightly different from the other projects. In this project type, we offer something more than the high quality interior designing project for your dream house. Here, we ensure international level work with a luxurious touch. The key feature of this project is to glorify the interiors in an international template. With the coordination of technology and interior designing layouts a new project has been developed in the market. This LPIP creativity is beyond the level of imagination and it's practically possible to implement in the field of interior designing.
  • 10. What is the difference between BIP, SIP, LIP and LPIP?"
    The main difference between BIP, SIP, LIP & LPIP is Quality of the work with free servicing time periods Every interior design depends upon the choice of the owner, which design he would want for his home or office. As we explained earlier, we work on three different types of projects. In case you want your home decor to be light and simple, the Basic Interior Project should be the best fit for you. BIP is for simple and compact houses or small offices where a nice wall paint and some funky furniture can do it all. However, if you wish to fill your rooms with a standard design concept, the cost goes a bit higher, and the decoration becomes more elegant and impressive. Here, your home looks more polished and furnished with our creative designers and hard-working professionals. Similarly, the concept again goes higher as soon as you pick a Luxurious Interior Project for your home. Usually, the restaurants, hotels, multi-storied, and other long-term businesses choose this pattern in order to bring a gorgeous outlook to their premises. Other than that, there are again some individuals who love making their living space more comfortable and enlightened.
  • 11. How do you represent your design concepts and ideas?
    The whole work process has been categorised into five simple steps:- Conversation, Client Meeting, Ideas & Designs, Agreement and Project Handover Before we start working on your project, it’s important that you like our ideas. Therefore, there is a typical procedure of our work that we follow religiously in order to maintain transparency and consistency with our clients. Conversation: First, we listen to your needs and write down your criteria list. Then we make an appointment with our clients to discuss the project in more detail. Client Meeting: After scheduling an appointment, we meet our clients to share our ideas and provide them a demo, presentation of our work profile. Then we take the measurements of the work area and proceed further. Ideas & Designs: We pour our creativity and bring out the perfect mix. First, we provide a 2D layout of the project and 3D virtual drawing from various views to make it more realistic. After all these procedures we give the estimated quotation of the project. Final Agreement: After the quotation gets approved and done with the final paperworks, we start the work with 35% advance. Project Handover: As per the agreement we finish the work within the mentioned time. It totally depends on the amount of the work of the concerned project. Once the job is done we hand over the project to the client. Thus we execute our services and maintain zero controversies and complete transparency with our clients. That's why we strongly focus on after-work projects and customer service. Any sort of review either it's positive or negative feedback will be appreciated and we will look into the matter if you face any inconveniences within the service warranty period.
  • 12. What about the cost? How much do you charge, and can you work within my budget? Isn't working with a designer more expensive?"
    Our payment terms & conditions are simple according to the process of the work: After paying for the 3D preview- (Rs19/Sq Ft) We handover the 3D preview of the project and start the work after the final sign up to the agreement of the project. Payment methods- 1st advance payment 35% - 34% of the work 2nd payment 35% - 70% of the work 3rd payment 25% - 95% of the work 4th payment 5% - Final work handover Being cost-effective is essential for every interior decorator. And we're no exception to that. Our LID Interiors is totally cost-effective in terms of our efficiency. Depending on your project, we share our affordable quotations with you. Therefore, the cost completely relies on the intensity of your project. Our highly efficient professionals first listen to your budget level and then portray their plan of work accordingly. However, you don't have to worry about our efficiency. All you have to do is just state your budget-limit, and we'll execute our work accordingly. Most people live in the dilemma that hiring a professional interior designer is a high-budget plan, and none should step into it before ensuring their pocket is full. In that case, we would like to inform you that even if you don't hire a professional, you'll certainly work on your room by hiring some electrician or wall-painters. If you collate their individual charges, it comes to a much higher cost than what we charge for doing it all. So it's always a better suggestion to opt for our inexpensive LID Interiors services without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • 13. What happens if I don't like the design?
    As per the agreement, we offer free service and product warranty under the service timeline of the project. Our customer support is available for 24/7 to help you with your queries. As we mentioned earlier, we, at LID Interiors, are entirely dedicated to our clients’ needs. Our aim to bring out the best solution to your home or office decor requirements with all our efforts and efficiency. After you place your design order with us, we provide you with cost-effective and superior quality designs. In case you don't approve of our initial design presentation, we will rework on the design and rectify the necessary areas within the same budget. Therefore, you don't have to pay extra for our revised work. Being in the field for a number of years, our expertise and skills are sharpened and enhanced. With multiple client handling, we understand what your needs are and how exactly you're willing to reframe your living space. So you don't have to worry about the quality design as we revise multiple times to level up to your satisfaction.
  • 14. How long will it take to finish the project? (Bedroom, Kitchen, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK & 5BHK)"
    Without toilet works and flooring the estimated time we take from project start to handover- 2BHK - 97 Days 3BHK - 127 Days 4BHK - 147 Days 5BHK -157 Days Interior designing is a time-taking process. It doesn't happen in a jiffy. While nurturing your ideas, we also need to look into the quality and approved essential details before getting started with the work. Every creative work is time-consuming and when it comes to designing the premises of your interior, we certainly don't want to hurry and make inappropriate choices. However, we understand that you can't afford to give all your time to our interior work. So we have to finish off everything at the soonest possible time. Keeping your criteria and quality in mind, we're providing an approx time duration of our work to be finished entirely. Bedroom: 1-2 weeks (approx) Kitchen: 1-2 weeks (approx) 1BHK: 2-3 weeks (approx) 2BHK: 3-4 weeks (approx) 3BHK: 4-5 weeks (approx) 4BHK: 5-6 weeks (approx) Remember, these were the approximate time duration that we usually take for designing. However, the process may take longer or shorter depending upon the size of the premises and your requirements. So be rest assured that your interior will be enlightened at the earliest with our creativity and knowledge.
  • 15. Can you elaborate on your work procedure?
    Our project work timeline is categorised into four special divisions: Design timeline, Service timeline, Execution timeline and Payment timeline. Interior designing is a thorough process that we take very seriously. There are specific steps to implementing our job, and we follow it accordingly to avoid any hassle in the meanwhile. As soon as you place your design request with us online or choose to have a one-on-one session with us, we collect all the essential requirements from your end. Next, we explore the residential rules and regulations of your area so we can work accordingly. We visit your premises once or twice to gather the essential dimensions and directions. After that, we pour our own creativity and skills into your needs and create a perfect design for your home decor. Now it's your turn to check our design we represent through an artwork. Once you approve it, we go ahead and search for the necessary equipment to bring the artwork design into reality. Finally, we start our fieldwork at your premises and put all our efforts into providing you with the perfect finishing. As we said, after going through all these processes, your home finally gets its finishing touch with perfect decor and lights.
  • 16. Who will be working on my project, and how are they selected?"
    We have a team of super 20 specialists with work experience on different prospects. There are independent departments and experts focusing on respective work. For any inconvenience you can get in touch with our customer care service as well. Interior designing isn't a thing that can be done by anyone. It requires specific knowledge of the concerned field. There are a number of courses in interior design, and the ones who get through it are only selected as professionals at our LID Interiors. If you’re done with the interior designing course, you can apply directly to our website by submitting your curriculum vitae or opt for a one-to-one interview. You'll be tested personally where you have to represent a suitable design for a random home. Apart from that, we also go through certain background checks in order to ensure your efficacy. Once you pass the interview, you'll be having another interview in person, and there you'll be asked a few questions about the interior designing course you passed through. As soon as we test your professional and communication skills, you'll become a part of our LID Interiors. However, you'll be working as an intern if you're a fresher in this field. So you get an opportunity to work with the professionals and observe their way of working. If you're an experienced interior designer, you're good to land on the fieldwork and design on your own.
  • 17. How do you represent your portfolio?
    We are proud to present our client reviews of our previous works on the timeline of our website. As we believe in customer satisfaction and transparency. In our portfolio you will get to see the following links: About us Our team Our services Project types Work process Timeline of work Estimate/ Quotation page Booking Client reviews/ Testimonials Customer care helpline Interio World Blogs / Articles Decoration Products store Q&A/ Ask questions Our portfolio is a collection of our best work, and we represent our design style and an array of skills through it. By pouring professionalism and creativity both, we extract the most commendable chapters we've created throughout. We understand that you don't have enough time to check on all our previous work, so we help you understand everything visually. We make a contemporary and clean approach to our designs so it can run through to our composition. Creating a portfolio requires a few potential steps from our end and we follow them by heart to provide you with the best. Search, as we explore all our previous work thoroughly and highlight the ones suitable and relatable to your project. Refine, here we note down all the ‘types’ of work we've implemented before. Like - final visuals, technical drawing, sample boards, development sketches and concept boards etc. Variety, we showcase all our skills through different project representation so you can easily identify which one you would require inside your premises. Preparing the file, here we collaborate everything and make a digital file or portfolio. Apart from content, we involve graphical representation as well, as we would want you to understand our work visually and intensely. Composition, with the consistent layout of each page, we present our expertise through separate projects. Thus we provide you with a brief of our work area and skills. The idea is not only to impress our clients, but we also want to clarify the dignity and workarounds. So our portfolio is a crisp form of what we do to your project.
  • 18. How much will you design, and will the before and after work make a difference?"
    Different types of outputs in the same place with different investment structures. Space is yours, renovation is our responsibility. Every individual design we create is beyond the level of imagination. First of all, we would want you to know that interior design doesn't mean that we're going to fill your empty rooms with junk and unnecessary objects. We follow a specific trend and follow its ethics accordingly to make your home visually appealing. Some owners prefer a tough look and don't like light-shaded walls with balloons and cages drawn on it. However, some of the rest want exactly what they opposed. And the remaining might expect us to be unique with their interior and go on with our creativity. As we represent a portfolio beforehand in order to help you choose our expertise, we certainly show you what areas of rooms or residential houses or office buildings we work on. During the first communication, we clarify our skills clearly so that no confusion can take place in the conclusion. We make a graphical representation of our final work inside your premises and submit it to you beforehand. Therefore, we work according to the presentation, and after we finish our work, you can certainly check our expertise and verdict on your own.
  • 19. Can you show us any of your complete projects?
    Definitely! Visit the website go to the Timeline File / Our work portfolio page to check our project history. Our LID Interiors is a name that promises you to design your interior with an accurate design suitable for its structure. Our professionals are well-equipped with all the essentials required for the design and get it done with fine finishing. As soon as you get in touch with us and place your query regarding your interiors, we represent our portfolio to you, where you can find a variety of work we've done before. Each design we portray identifies a variety of skills. Therefore, you can deliberately make a decision about whether to choose us. We don't forcefully implement our services before you truly get interested in working with us.
  • 20. What does client satisfaction mean to you? How do you achieve it?
    We solely focus on client satisfaction and customer reviews. Thus, you can post your feedback on our Testimonials page and rate our project work. Client satisfaction is the primary concern of every business organization. Be it a manufacturing company or a creative industry; clients play major roles in achieving the ultimate business goals. Therefore, for LID Interiors, our clients are our valuable assets whom we work for and try our hardest to provide you with the best. That's the reason we make clear communication with you before you get us onto the field. We let you thoroughly explain your interior requirements and help us understand how you want us to design it for you. We willfully revise our rough design work repetitive times to get the final approval from you. Even during work, we constantly get our work checked from you, so the transparency should be constant and firm. After we're done with designing your interiors, we ask for approval from your end. In case you don't like our work, we even make the essential changes to bring a smile on your face. You can check our Google review section and get an idea of what we do and how we work. Apparently, we do request all our clients to help us achieve better by writing down a small and genuine review on us, so we can work more cautiously next time.
  • 21. How do I choose between the many interior design companies? Why should we choose you?
    First check our portfolio and hire a professional. We have an option InterioWorld at the website, where you can create a free account to express your thoughts with our talented designers. In modern days, interior designing companies are flourishing their paths with superior equipment and trendy collections. Once you open Google and search for the best interior designing company in India, it will come up with a huge list of designer companies with similar features and aspirations. Therefore, you finally end up getting confused and desperate about choosing one randomly. In this scenario, choosing us among the ocean of designers is tough for being a client. However, our LID has some special features that drive more clients to our door. Consistency: We have never left any of our clients in the middle of our work. We're consistent with our job and remain focussed constantly to help you achieve your goals at the earliest. Round the clock support: Our support assistants are present at the phone line constantly to help you resolve your query instantly. Therefore, you can contact us regardless of time and get our assistance. Dedication: Being in this field of interior designing for years, our professionals are extremely dedicated to their job roles, and they work their hardest to provide you with the best. Creativity: The specialty of our LID Interiors is to hire only professionals who have passed concerning interior designing courses. Therefore, they do have creative minds that work beyond the level and extract the most enchanting design for your premises. These were the basic criteria for choosing an interior designing company, and we're highly skilled with all these features to reach on the top of our client satisfaction.
  • 22. What is the difference between working with LID Interiors and other designers?
    We don't only plan, but we make it successful. We not only design, we maintain a good customer relationship after work. Interior designing is a collaboration of art, talent, and professionalism. Most of the agencies tend to get it done as soon as possible to get out of the way after getting the payment. Whereas, we work with our clients and emphasize on enlarging the possibilities of making your home beautiful, gorgeous, and sustainable. The reason is we understand that investing such a lump sum amount isn't a matter of joke, and we want to value each of your penny you spend on us. Understanding in-person: Despite working professionally in the field, professionals at our LID Interiors constantly try to make a bond with you so they can understand your mind better and work as per your preferences. Constantly notifying: The idea is not to gather information from you, work accordingly, and get it done for you. We understand that you want us to pour your dreams into your home, so constant checking up with you is a must from our end. Personal suggestions: Not necessarily all our clients are well-versed with the interior designing insights. We've come across several clients who wanted us to design their living spaces with our own preferences, and our personal suggestions have been quite satisfactory to them. Apart from this, we constantly seek your feedback to help us improve or rectify our loopholes. So working with us will genuinely enlighten your vision to interior designing as per our belief.
  • 23. What kinds of clients do you like to work with?
    There are various kinds of clients with different sets of tastes and preferences. We deliver the same quality of work as per the client's requirements according to the following categories: Basic Interiors Standard Interiors Luxury Interiors Luxury Plus Interiors LID Interiors is open to all whoever wants to restructure their houses or office premises with more intense work. Therefore, we're not here to choose our clients; instead, they choose us. We make a comprehensive and crystal clear approach on our end so we can proceed further. As we mentioned earlier, we work on different projects as per our clients’ requirements. For example - Residential designing. Commercial designing. Decoration products. Separate rooms, bathrooms, kitchen interior designing. So these are the areas of our work. Anyone willing to make a deal with us can directly step into our office premises at 1/58 Azadgarh, Ground Floor, Samajgarh Park, Kolkata 700040. However, we would expect our clients to be more precise and clear about the discussions they make. This way, the understanding becomes transparent and simple. Therefore, we would expect our clients to be honest, cooperative, crisper, transparent, and easy-to-deal with, so we can proceed as per their choices.
  • 24. How to solve any problem after work? Are your services attainable even after the project completion?
    Yes! After the completion of the project work, we are happy to help you. Under the service warranty period you can consult with our expertise. We ensure entirely from our end that our work is satisfactory enough for you before we take the payment from you. We represent our rough work through a digital representation or an artwork draft. We make all the necessary changes you direct us to make and reside in work repeatedly. This automatically eradicates the confusion in the end. On the other hand, we constantly notify you about the changes we're making to your home or office. Even in the end, after the work is done, we rectify the mistakes you point out from your end. In short, we constantly keep revising our work as per your preferences and stay in constant touch with you to make the project a successful one. However, if you wish to proceed with our work with another project, you can certainly let us know, and we'll make an affordable deal for you. As you become a consistent client, we'll ensure more discounts on your projects and make fair deals. Therefore, our LID Interiors services are absolutely dedicated to you during the project work.
  • 25. What are your payment preferences?
    Depending on the project costs, we have different payment methods. 1st advance payment 35% - 34% of the work 2nd payment 35% - 70% of the work 3rd payment 25% - 95% of the work 4th payment 5% - Final work handover We accept cash, cheque or Demand Draft and Debit or Credit Cards such as Maestro, Visa card, Mastercard and PayPal etc. At LID Interiors, we are open to all sorts of payment options. Our versatility isn't limited only to our designs but also in the other options to provide to our clients. So as the different payment method options. We understand that a lump sum amount of cash isn't always the last option you have in hand. Therefore, online payments are also accepted from our end. Advance payment: We take an advance of around 35% before we start our work. Advancement of payment is necessary for us to purchase the essential objects and equipment for designing your home or office premises. Installment payment: We've kept installment policies as well for paying the rest of the amount other than the advance. You can choose to make small installment payments with a short time duration and pay a lump sum amount as a whole. The choice is on you. Different payment modes: Apart from cash, we also accept debit cards, credit cards, online payments, UPI payments, Paytm and etc. So paying as per your convenience is the most enjoyable aspect you'll find with us. So choose your convenience and make the payment accordingly.
  • 26. Why would I need an Interior designer if I have time, taste, and money?"
    There are various sorts of materials and products used in interior designing work. Thus, you need an expert hand to finalize the work within the budget. People usually question the efficiency of an interior designer. Especially if a person has money and good taste, why would he hire an interior professional to get the work done instead of getting it done randomly? The question is valid and important to justify our experience and effort. First of all, only a professional designer knows the best place for all your house materials that can enlighten your home decor. Additionally, there are certain technicalities involved in interior design, which may not be fulfilled only with time and money. In that case, the best suitable person to implement the necessities is an interior designer who can always do it better. In short, there are no surprises with an interior designer as our only job is to ensure that all the work is taken care of efficiently.
  • 27. When should you ask a designer to step into a project?
    You can book an appointment with our designers for any type of project. After viewing the rate and review on the website you can select the designer on your preferable time and date. The most confusing thing is to decide on the exact time of approaching an interior designer. Some people ask for our appearance at the end of the construction work. And some even choose to approach us after a year or two when they feel like their home needs a change too. Though we're ready at your service whenever you approach us for help. However, we prefer our clients to make a deal as early as possible. In fact, we expect you to step into our office and consult with our professionals as soon as the construction of your building starts. After all, getting professional feedback on the appropriate location of the windows and walls never goes in vain. The earlier you seek our expertise, the more fixes your house gets and move ahead towards a better design. In case you wish to replace the previous design of your home with a fresh and unique one, you should certainly reach us anytime.
  • 28. How can an interior designer help me in the procurement of the materials?
    LID Interior is working with super 20 expertise. You can choose the desired designer from the website after viewing the project and the quality of the work. We have proper knowledge about the market and industries dealing with the quality products. Our LID Interiors professional team is working in this field for years, and our experience and efficiency are our assets you can count on. Interior designing includes quite a lot of materials to be procured beforehand. In fact, some of the materials come with such heavy prices that the owner finds it difficult to purchase it at once. Additionally, some objects are very rarely available in the market, and it's not always possible for you to go on searching for them in different places. Our aim is to cover all the essential sections of your premises, so it looks full of life. As we're exploring the industry for years, our professionals have personal bonds with certain retailers and other procurement teams. Therefore, getting a fair deal gets easier once you decide to procure your household interior materials through our network. All you have to do is, keep your faith in us and let us help you get the best at the most pocket-friendly budget.
  • 29. How much of a client’s personal time should be invested in the project?
    After assigning the project to a designer, it's our responsibility to give you the updates. You can also login to your account with id and password to see the daily updates of your project. Whenever any construction work is being conducted at someone’s house, it's essential to present at the premises for at least two hours a day. If you're confusing interior designing with building construction, you're definitely going in the wrong direction, my friend. Once you hire an interior designer, we already provide you with the list of materials we would require as per your house preferences. Therefore, you buy them on your own and hand over the materials to us. So the chance of being cheated as the owner is absolutely zero in this case. You don't have to personally supervise our work. Instead, we keep notifying you with the changes we make after every interval. The only effort you have to make is to procure the materials from the sources and provide them to us. As a matter of fact, you can also transfer the procurement part to our professionals and get fair deals on the material-purchases. Thus you hardly have to invest your personal time into our work as we have a number of professionals with different job roles to take care of each and every single aspect of your home decor.
  • 30. Do you help me pick paint colors and other essentials?
    We look after each and every thing. You can choose your desired color from the catalogue and our project templates. We believe in project quality and rating. As per your belief, wall paints are the essential aspects of decorating a room. A beautiful wall color instantly raises your mood and seems impressive for your visitors. Therefore, picking the right set of colors is the most tricky aspect that almost everyone would admit. During the paint selection, one or two of our professionals will be present at your premises and undergo the selection process for around 1-2 hours. It's not always about the beauty of color; its longevity and impactfulness are also two important factors to take care. However, being the owner, it's not always possible for you to judge the effectiveness of the wall paints. So you can rest assured about our services. Apart from the paint colors, there are a lot more things in the queue that we would like to help you pick, so your premises look beautiful and impressive. As soon as you opt for our services, you don't have to worry about anything other than suggesting your valuable feedback and help us decorate your room with more of our efforts and knowledge.
  • 31. Do I get a 3D rendering in my room as we find on IGTV?
    Yes! We do offer 3D rendering and 3D effects design with an international outlook. In the LPIP project you can get a high standard international level customised 3D projection in your room. We understand that the 3D effects we see on IGTV are pretty enchanting and exciting that you would want to try out in your room. However, as per our suggestion, trying those physical furniture boards, 3D renderings, and other cool aspects shouldn't be implemented unless it's truly essential for your room. It's extremely time-consuming and pretty much on the expensive side. Cutting and gluing the furniture boards altogether typically takes a huge amount of time that none would like to invest. We do resketch up the design if the previous one isn't working for you. Instead, making a 2D effect in your space looks even more spacious and long-lasting. Though we do put blue tapes on the floors or the walls and walk through the design, as we find it a better approach to communicate through a sketch or the decoration.
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