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Kids Room for the Next Generation

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Education is the backbone of a nation- everyone knows that. But if we rise the question-  what’s the backbone of education? What can be the perfect answer for this? Yes, there are multiple factors may come in the field of education. But you can’t deny the role of “Facilities” in the field of education. If you want to make your nation educated, you must facilitate your people for that.  Almost all the human being start their academic education from childhood, and it’s the best time of life to get education.

Children are the future of the nation. It’s said in Bengali proverb that “ঘুমিয়ে আছে শিশুর পিতা সকল শিশুর অন্তরে(Fathers of the children are laid in the heart of all children)”. It means, today's children takes the responsibility of the of the future of the nation. The development, power and prosperity of a nation completely depends on how they build up their children from childhood to adulthood. The childhood of a human being is very much important to construct his/her life. A human being can learn faster in childhood then in adulthood. That’s why they absorb most of the knowledge in life is in childhood. We know, knowledge is power.

So, there is nothing to deny the role of education to build up a powerful nation. Now let’s talk about the backbone of education or the backbone of the backbone of nation- Facility. Government is liable to facilitate it’s people to educate the nation. Every citizen is also responsible for the same, and should play the role to work for facilitating the nation for education in any way. But as parents- you are solely responsible to facilitate your children in such a way that they get the best education. In a sense, children are brought in the world by you both, and that’s why they are your “invited guest” in the world. It depends on your mind how you treat your invited guests. In Indian philosophy it’s said, “Atithi Deva Bhabah (May the guest/s be our god)”. So, it’s not only important as a father or mother- how are you treating your children but also more than important that- as the homeowner, how are you treating your guest. Consider your kids room as an another form of guest room or as an another form of god’s room in your place. Design your kid’s room in such a way that they get to spend their best childhood.

We the Luxury Interior Decoration (LiD) help you to get the best interior design and decoration for your kids room. Let’s discuss about some important topics we should know before designing-

Which Age Is Perfect for Kids to Have a Separate Room?

It’s an important decision for parents that when should you leave your child for a separate living.  

Co-sleeping with child is really up to the preference of the family. You can enjoy sleeping with your child till you feel OK or before they self-wean from your bed. According to paediatrics, keep your baby in crib in your bedroom for at least six months to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In this way, infant  will be always nearby reach of mom, take care of the child and breastfeed. You can continue at most twelve months of age of your kids during this infancy period (generally, an infant is called a baby of less than one year old) in a crib. After that take your child with you to sleep on the same bed you sleep. Sleeping together with child is a good way to increase bond with parents.  In many cultures throughout the world, kids sleep with their parents till they are nine or ten years old. A general guide is around at the age of eight years old, children naturally want their own sleeping space. Every baby is different. The important thing keep in mind that take the decision which is best for everyone. The ultimate goal is to sleep sound. The greatest Indian advisor Acharya Chanakya says, “ Cherish your child with affection up to five years old, control him up to ten years old and be friend with him when he is sixteen.

How To Handle a Sharing Bedroom with More Than One Kids?

If you have two bedrooms and more than one child than what to do? Of-course one for master bedroom and the rest one is for kids room. But in that case you need to arrange a sharing bedroom. Before designing your kids room, first understand your kids. If they are OK with sharing the same large bed, allow them to do so. In this way they will learn to cope up with real life problems, solve problem together (including space problem). Explain to both kids of working together solve problems. Otherwise it’s very important that both the sibling feel to have their own space. In this case help them to create their own tiny world even if they share the same bedroom. All the kids are different even if they are sibling. Every child has their own choice and taste. Allow them to decorate their own space in their own way. Let the two areas of the same bedroom look entirely different according to their wish. If your six years old kid loves Doraemon , allow him/her to add a Doraemon teddy bear on his/her bed. If your teen loves Avengers, allow

him/her to put up a poster on the wall.

Well-up your every child with musical instruments. The musical instruments help human brain to build up more synapse connections which make them powerful. The best time to start music practise as soon as your child is seven years old. Let them practise vocal and instrument together in their room. Or if one of them wants solo practise, let the other one to relax in the master bedroom for a while.

Allot every single  components specifically  for each child in the same bedroom. For example, one study table for your older one with books and papers for school homework and one desk and drawer for the younger one with his pastel colour box and toys.

It doesn’t matter how big your room is. Every child create their own tiny world and get lost into it with their own busyness.

Some Stylish Interior Design and Decoration Ideas for Kids Room:

Stylish Bed: There are a lots of stylish beds specially designed for kids that. There are impressive exteriors of the bed that looks like various kids-lovely things like car shapes, train shapes, duplex house shapes etc. Portrait of famous cartoon are also there in many beds. Boys specially like car or train shapes bed with steering shapes pillow or the bed with football theme and girls like the duplex house shapes bed with teddy bear or barbie doll as a side pillow, and the colour must be pink.  Consider the height of the child while measuring the dimension of the bed. There is no end of creativity while you chose to buy bed for your kids. There are various types of beds are there, for example: Platform bed, Mid-sleeper bed, Four-poster bed, Cabin bed, Extendable bed, Bunk bed, Trundle bed etc. You must choose the bed which is comfortable and saves more space. Checkout our great collection of Kids Beds from our online store of LiD.  

Colour: At a certain age all the children like mostly pink colour irrespectively boys and girls. Keep the colour light and bright in the kids room. The bright colour like white or yellow can be suitable for boys. Paint the separate colour in the separate area for sharing bedroom for both of them.

Wall Art: Draw and paint beautiful and educational wall art for your kids that helps them to learn something. For example draw a beautiful round compass on the North wall directing 10 sides. Draw the solar systems 3D view under the ceiling. Draw the periodic table, chart of useful mathematical formulae, around the wall which can create interest in your kids to learn with fun.

Inspiring icons Portrait: Put portraits of inspiring icon on the wall who have great contributions to the civilization and humankind along with country and nation so that your kids gets inspired to follow their good work.

Install Wall Mounted Shelving: Install wall mounted shelving to keep necessary toys for the children and rest other items.

Hang Kids Clothes: Install hanger within their reach that they can put their clothes on the hanger.  

Trashcan: Keep trashcan in the room and teach kids how to use it. Make a good habit of your child to keep cleanliness from childhood. This will help you to keep your kids room clean day by day.

Playable Space: Nowadays the playgrounds are vanishing day by day as the population is increasing. In the major cities children don’t get enough space for jumping on the ground. Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom- i.e kids room. Make the opportunity for them to perform sports inside the room.

Floor: The floor can be made of wood, stone or tiles anyone of these. Put carpets on the whole floor that will be soft. Prefer carpets with beautiful design with kids friendly drawing theme in it. They will love the floor too. You can put the carpet which looks like artificial grass so that kids will feel that as a real playground, simultaneously which is neat and clean too.

Books: Keep a good collection of books in the kids room so that they can learn to read. It’s not necessary to explain the importance of books for all.  

Parent-Controlling Broadband Internet Connection: There are so many things in the world those are not available in the book but available in the internet. There is a huge collection of books and education materials in the internet that no one can deny. And it’s even easier to learn from internet more than books.  Install a broadband connection in your kids room that they don’t be deprived from getting into the world of open learning. Let them learn from their own interest. But as they are children, use the parent controlling system in your broadband internet so that your child can’t browse sexual or adult or abusive content which are not suitable for them. Internet surfing is such kind of thing that is already there in the DNA habit of human being!  

The rest of the life of your children mostly depends on how you grow them up. Grow them sincerely, give them a sensible life and gift the country a better nation along with the whole world. We, the Luxury Interior Decoration (LiD) family are alway there to give you the best possible design and decoration for your kids room after proper measurement.

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