16 Marvelous Balcony Décor Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Balcony or Outdoor Space

In the modern world when most people are living in city apartments, one of their foremost dreams is a private outdoor space- even if it's only a small balcony or a fire escape. So even if you are one of those whose apartment lacks an enormous yard with a she-shed or a swimming pool, but you own a balcony, then you owe it to yourself to make the most out of it. All you need to do is pay a little attention, update yourself with some top balcony decorating ideas, and you are all set to revamp your small balcony into a vogue akin outdoor hangout spot.

16 Marvelous Balcony Décor Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Balcony or Outdoor Space

As the basking days and comfy soul-soothing summer evenings are here, an unloved balcony, irrespective of its size and shape is a sight that hurts the eyes. So, if you are presently putting out a lawn chair or some tiny plant pots at the corner of your balcony and calling it a day, it’s high time you listen up. There exist innumerable marvelous ideas that can transform your neglected balcony into an enticing hangout for entertainment and relaxation.

In search of such trending ideas to decorate a large or small balcony? Well, we have good news for you. To relieve you of your woes, we have done a bit of extensive legwork and brought forth for you 25 top balcony decorating ideas that would undoubtedly add a spoonful of its charms and convert your outdoor space from top to bottom.

Thus, without any further delay, let’s get started with learning how to decorate your apartment balcony like a pro. Shall we?

Idea 1: Spruce up with a Swing

Spruce up with a Swing, how to decorate your balcony

If you are one of those who are troubled with the thoughts at night of how to decorate your balcony, then one of the way-to-go options is to install a swing. You must know swing benches aren’t just for elaborate porches.

If you are lucky to have a balcony with an overhang and an outstanding view to go with, then go for the swing without being in two minds. Take your hot cup of coffee, sit on the swing, and enjoy the view after a long day of work at the office. All the more, you can add some throw pillows of vibrating shades to add to your comfort.

Idea 2: Create a vertical affair

Create a vertical affair, ideas to decorate a small balcony

Are you in search of ideas to decorate a small balcony? No need to fret. Think outside the box and customize the limited square footage balcony you own. If you are an ardent lover of plants, all you need to do is stack them and establish a vertical garden. Psst! Do know that hanging planters and nesting tables are also huge space savers.

Idea 3: Use a Cover

Use a Cover, ideas to decorate balcony

In our attempt to decorate and add a touch of magic to our balcony, what we forget is that it is essential to cover the balcony not only to create shade but also to protect it from earthly forces. Secure your outdoor space with outdoor fabric to the corner pillars. Voila! You have achieved the bohemian look.

Idea 4: Add a touch of sleek minimalism

Add a touch of sleek minimalism

Balconies do possess the potential of transporting you mentally to a place that brings you calmness and tranquility. You can use pictures of your loved places as an inspiration and take ideas to decorate your condo balcony. Like this particular space possesses the charm of coastal Mediterranean vibes- simply by looking at the bistro chairs gives you a sense of relief.

Idea 5: Add bright shades of furniture

Add bright shades of furniture

Decorating your outdoor space can be as simple as adding bright color furniture. Try to opt for ottomans in place of the coffee table so that it can also act as a footrest. In this way, you will be able to use it as a coffee table merely by adding a serving tray or just lounge in your comfy pajamas.

Idea 6: Include a bold pendant light

Include a bold pendant light

One of the trending and top balcony decorating ideas is to include a bold pendant light. It can jazz up the exteriors like anything. Do remember that this is not your living room. Hence, incorporate nature-inspired materials like ceramics, burled wood, and the likes.

Idea 7: Begin a collection of plants

Begin a collection of plants

If you always wanted to cultivate your hobby of being a gardener, now it’s time to flaunt your little inner plant parent shine. If you lack the space of a rooftop garden, make your balcony an excellent alternative. Pot some unique orchids and beautiful begonias and be the envy of your neighbors.

Idea 8: Incorporate beautiful fairy lights

Incorporate beautiful fairy lights

When the sun goes down, we bet the creative God deep inside urges you to establish a creative space in your often neglected balcony. If you are wondering how to creatively decorate your balcony, wrap some string lights around the railing. Throw some pillows, include a small stool or side table, and enjoy the evening of your dreams.

Idea 9: Create a Vacation vibe

Create a Vacation vibe

If you are on the lookout for intriguing ideas to decorate a large balcony, try to opt for some lounge chairs. Use it for reading your favorite novellas instead of using the classic patio furniture. What more, you can also hang a hammock to enjoy your sunny afternoons of winter.

Idea 10: Be Royal!

Be Royal!

Are you aiming to create a killer impression with your entryway balcony? Then, try setting up a little console table for having relishing moments outside regularly. You can also incorporate a boho rocking chair. That’s all you need to grab the attention of your guests before they even step foot inside in your precious sanctuary.

Idea 11: Often little things speak volumes!

Often little things speak volumes!

In the mood for something unique, stylish, and low-cost? Well, then set up a seating area with certain butterfly chairs and a side table. Okay! We agree. You may not get this ocean view, but at least you get to hang on those comfy and cool seats.

Idea 12: Include space-saving furniture

Include space-saving furniture

Wondering how to decorate your small balcony? Well, then we suggest you opt for space-saving furniture. Try to make it comforting, cozy, and seem inviting to your guests with a sheepskin throw. Add vibrant hues of pillows. Place certain plants in the corner.

Idea 13: Create a Herb Garden

Create a Herb Garden

If you are an ardent lover of cooking just as much as you like your outdoors, then you can now achieve your dreams by setting up a mini garden on your balcony. Begin growing certain vegetables and herbs you like to cook in pots. Moreover, in this way, no longer would you have to invest in any kind of expensive ideas to decorate your balcony- because, it is the plants who always speak more than anything!

Idea 14: Install a fancy Privacy Screen

Install a fancy Privacy Screen

Do you know a remarkable and excellent privacy screen always raises the stature of the balcony of your apartment? Add a privacy screen that not only helps you have a private time with your spouse but also enjoy the patterns created in sunny afternoons. Add some hanging potted plants to add pops of greenery. Like the image provided below, you can add some wicker furniture and a swing in warm shades of yellow and red to enliven the space.

Idea 15: Set up an Eye-Catching Space

Set up an Eye-Catching Space

Want a modern balcony oasis? Then all you need to do is get hold of some statement-creating chairs and huge-scale planters. You can also include terrazzo tile floors, graphic white, and black striped furniture and white pots that blend with the colors of exteriors walls. Oh! What a heavenly view to the eyes!

Idea 16: Set up an eclectic Balcony

Set up an eclectic Balcony

Want to be the talk of the town for your trending ideas to decorate a small balcony? Then, this vibrant, colorful, and eclectic mix of outdoor styles is what you should aim for. Created with these magnificent lucite chairs, this warm color pallet creates nostalgia of the ‘70s. However, this chic rug, planters, and outstanding chiminea provide a precise Mediterranean vibe. An excellent blend of stylish and soothing elements- it is no doubt an eye-catcher.

A well-decorated outdoor space can be like a breath of fresh air and provide the retreat we need from our busy mundane life. With an ingenious forethought and certain little planning, you can turn this space into your new favorite hangout. Bookmark this post on your laptop. Next time you are in two minds and skimming the search engines with the question “How to decorate your balcony?” go through this post. Draw inspiration from the best of the best.

Spruce up your outdoors and transform your plain and dull balcony to a cozy and fun spot. With a little creativity, you can design an outdoor oasis that is not only functional but also has an aesthetically pleasing vibe.

Here’s to revamping your balcony and making it appear magical with a spoonful of creativity and ingenious ideas! Wishing all the best!

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