Must to Follow for Simple Kitchen Designing

Updated: May 3, 2020

Since childhood, the place most we love is mother’s kitchen. We strive to have delicious foods made by mom and make our stomach happy. Mouthwatering fragrance of cooking from the kitchen makes us more hungry.

If you remember your childhood, definitely you know how wonderful place it is. From the same place, everyday you get various kinds of items with various taste made by various raw materials  and resources.

Kitchen is called the heart of the home. But it has become an essential part for not only of home but also of corporate offices and commercial places.

To design your kitchen, you must follow these ideas to make it best.

Simple Kitchen Designing

1. Get the Best and Simple Layout: Design your kitchen as much as simple to handle and work smoothly. And we, the Luxurious Interior Design ( LID Interior ) company provide you the best interior design for kitchen in India. With our extraordinary 2D and 3D designers, you can have clear vision of your upcoming kitchen. First we visit your place, get perfect measurement and provide you the best possible outfit. There are also facility to explore a 360° view of your plan with our smartest virtual reality devices. We always avoid complexity and ensure you to get the simplest design with gorgeous look.

2. Impactful Color: Paint your kitchen with such kind of color that doesn’t look like a cave rather than open and airy. Here, white color is the best choice for this, because it reflects light. Use the same kind of color (i.e white family colors) for everything inside the kitchen to create an illusion and look it bigger. Paint the cabinet, walls, ceiling with ethereal  white color.

3. Sufficient Light: Let the sunlight enter freely into your kitchen. It keeps your kitchen fresh and smell free. Also it looks bigger. The darkness may make your kitchen gloomy. Using a mirror is the best idea to reflect lights and look bigger too. Using stainless steel is definitely one of the best idea to look your kitchen shiny and more stylish.

4. Use Open Shelves: Use the best use of your vertical space  Put utensils and kitchen wares in the open shelves so that those can stay on a airy and sophisticated space. It’s better to display all the things that you regularly use. If you don’t display those, that means those are out of your eyesight. In this way, the things will remain unused since long days. One day you will discover that you did never use those items since you have bought! That means those things were wasting both your space and money. So try to put all the necessary items in front of your eyes and use repeatedly.  

5. Keep Floor Empty: Keep your floor empty as much as possible so that you can easily clean your kitchen regularly. This is very important to keep your kitchen clean. Set marble on your floor for better sanitation. Use more number of hangers, upper cabinets to keep the floor empty. Also use a rolling ladder which is useful to reach things from far away.

6. Choose Movable : Use pull-out cutting board to take cookware easily. Also use cart for the same. It enables you to wheeled out, get things in your hand and wheeled in into the pantry.

Some Useful Items For Modular Kitchen:

Now a days kitchen has been modernized with modules and cabinets which  is more functional and space saving. We, the LID Interior suggest you some devices, materials and items to make your kitchen better accessible.

1. Kitchen hood with chimney : Put a Kitchen hood with chimney which is useful to move out all the cooking smokes outside, instead of cooking beside window. Because sometimes cooking beside window is risky.

2. Multipurpose Kitchen Baskets: There are some types of baskets that can make your kitchen incredibly organized: Utensil Basket, Cutlery Basket, Cup and Saucer, Pullout, Cylinder Trolley etc. Get all in one multipurpose kitchen basket which serves the purpose in one place.

3. Waterproof Plywood : It’s a must needed material which should be waterproof if you make cabinets (lower and upper) and other items with wood. Kitchen is such a place where you need to clean everything very frequently with water. So, for that, need to be cautious that there should not be any damage caused by water.

4. Waterproof Paint (Royal Paint) : For the same reason of water washing, better to use royal paint which is easily washable by water as it’s waterproof.

5. Overhead Water Tank:  Keep an water-tank in your kitchen specially for reserving water. This will help you in many circumstances along with emergency.


In India the modular kitchen with simple layout is becoming popular day by day. Transform your kitchen into incredible and keep yourself healthy and happy with your family. Get consulted by interior designer and get things ready. We are here with a group of talented interior designers with all the rest of interior designing such as materials, decoration products, furniture and appliances. Come here, express your needs, keep calm, close your eyes and get things ready.

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