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Living Room on It's Perfect Outfit

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Recreation is also a basic need of human being since the starting of humankind. Bedroom is there for sleeping, kitchen is there for making food, bathroom is there for sanitation- these all are related to satisfy physical need. But as per ancient Indian philosophy which is accorded to the whole world- Senses are superior than the Body, the Mind is superior than Senses and the Soul is superior than Mind. We need to take care our mind much more than our body and senses. Recreation, entertainment are fuel of mind to keep it sound and healthy. Living room serves the purpose of recreation to keep your mind fresh and sound. In living room the house owner spends time with his family, friends and sometimes with guests casually.  Living room is the place to cultivate your mind with interacting closer ones along with relaxation. You can gossip with your family and friends, watch TV or a movie in a LCD Display or listen music in a home-theater together. Make fun with each other and dive yourselves into playing static indoor games like Chess, Carrom Board, Ludo etc.

Your living room reflects your taste and personality. Decorate your living room with beautiful arts and crafts as much as you can. Design your living room in such a way that all the furniture, appliances get balance with the space. We the Luxury Interior Decoration (LiD) with our highly professional team can help you greatly. Our expert designers can provide you both 2D and 3D plans with advanced 360° view so that you can easily understand and take decisions.

Here we give a glimpse of some basic ideas to remember in your living room designing.

1. Room Position: Living room is sitting room or sometimes it’s called lounge. It’s not only for personal use but also to welcome guest. That’s why it’s better to keep adjacent to main entrance so that the guests can enter into the living room directly without going through other rooms like bedroom or kitchen etc. According to Vastu Positioning- your living room should be always in the East or in the North. But if your house is south faced then you can keep your living room on South-East corner.

2. Door Position: If you are a scholar or researcher, put the door of your living room on the West side, it’s good for you. Having door on the East or North brings health, wealth and overall progress. Avoid the South side for door, it’s inauspicious for living room.

3.Colors: Use light colors like white, light yellow, blue or green colour. Do not use black and red color. Avoid using bold colors so that it brings smaller look.

4. Furnitures and Appliences: Put arm chair and sofa in the middle and corner side respectively. Tea table in front of the sofa. Put a large dining table if you have bigger space in the room. Keep chairs around the dining table. Set LED TV opposite to the sofa and chairs wall. Hang chandelier so increase the beauty of the room. Hang sufficient numbers of ceiling fans or AC for to keep cool during summer. Put portraits of God, great personalities and  beautiful paintings in the wall. Put big size windows with glass fittings and curtains.

5. Space Optimization: Get rid of furnitures which are damaged, outdated, imperfect sized  or those you don’t like anymore to get more space. Optimize your valuable place with perfect and needful furnitures with cleaver functioning. Install TV in a wall mounted cabinet. Avoid putting too many chair or sitting items so that people can move around easily.

6. Living Elements: Bring some life into your living room. Keep healthy plants and water those regularly. Keep aquarium to transform your living room into real living place.  Avoid using artificial flowers or plants.

7. Floor: The floor can be covered with tile, stone or wood. You can even cover the floor fully or partly with beautiful designed carpet. During winter covering with carpet will be very comfortable and soft. But it’s difficult to keep clean compared to tiles and stones. For summer, the white stone coating is best to keep your room cool and save your half amount of electricity for cooling. High quality wooden floor is also not a bad choice but little hard to maintain.

8. Dining Separator: Living room is specially used for relaxing after dinner. That’s why normally it’s situated beside dining room or apparently becomes the same room.  In case your living room and dining room both are in the same place but you don’t want your living room can be shown from living room, use a closet as a separator wall or room divider. And if you don’t use any separator then keep a basin in a corner with towel so that after meal you can wash your hand there. Keep a crockery unit for keeping plates, dishes, cups and similar items.  

9. Beautiful Wall Mounted Shelves: Attach open shelves with the wall with beautiful pattern. The shelves can be wooden or made of glass. You can put beautiful showpieces, favourite books and magazines on the shelves. This will both look beautiful and be useful.

10. Dry Trash Can: Always keep a dry trash can in the living room for cleanliness so that you can through dry elements like tissues and wasted papers etc.

We the Luxury Interior Design (LiD) have a huge collection of layout arrangements suits you best. There are many factors like space measurement, item numbers, furnitures, house entrance etc. to design a living room. We consider all the factors and render you the best solution to design living room.

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Designing your living room can be akin to finding the perfect outfit for your home, where every element comes together to create a harmonious and stylish ensemble. Just as clothing boutiques In USA curate a collection of unique pieces, your living room's perfect outfit involves selecting furniture, decor, and color schemes that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Consider the ambiance you want to create – whether it's cozy and inviting or sleek and modern.


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