Follow This And Give Your Bathroom A New Stylish Look

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Cleanliness is part and parcel in our life. It's so essential for health and sound mind that no need to describe much. People start their day in bathroom, and through the day it's useful until going to sleep. How often you use your bathroom? To keep your internal body clean and fit, take plenty of water and then you definitely need to go to bathroom frequently to wash those out.

Since the very start of civilization, human being use wash themselves in a very different way. There was no bathroom but water pools like ponds and river. Day by day the sanitation system improved and people started using bathroom and toilet. Now in modern days, bathroom and toilet are combinedly used in a single room. In 2012 Glamour Magazine pole, 75% of women confessed that they pee during bath! As for men, do we really know?!  Here you get the facility to washout every way while your bathroom is combined with toilet. No need to go out from bathroom for different kind of washing. That’s why those are called “Washroom” too. For corporate place, people also call those as “Rest Room”. Because it relieve your tiredness while you sit on the commode. And one thing must to mention that, whatever you call this- bathroom washroom or restroom, this is the only place where you get complete privacy!  

It gives you immense pleasure if you be fresh all the time. Design your bathroom in such a way that saves your time, looks beautiful and relieve.

Follow these steps and your bathroom become expensive from average.

Give Your Bathroom A New Stylish Look

1. Vastu Positioning: The position of your bathroom need to be in the corner side that are adjacent to the border of your house.  We present you the Vastu Positioning , which says the North-West corner is the best for Toilet and Bathroom.

2. Color: Make the ceiling colorful instead of one color so that your bathroom looks bigger. If you want to paint, then color the side walls with one color which is bright so that it looks bigger. You can set tiles instead of painting too. Set big sizes both in the walls and floor so that it’s appearance looks bigger. Another way is to put wallpaper in the side wall. You can make various colorful design with wallpaper with beautiful sceneries. It looks beautiful and makes you happy.

3. False Ceiling : Create false ceiling with painted glass work and set light beyond the ceiling. It gives extra glow. Switching on the light creates a dramatic environment while you switch on the light of false ceiling.

4. Floor: Making the floor perfectly functioning you have to be a little bit tricky. Make sure the floor is inclined to the drainage hole so that water can flow away. Not a single drop of water will be there on the floor and your bathroom will be always dry. Use marble instead of tiles to look bigger and easy to clean. But if you use tiles, use the bigger ones.

5. Cabinet/ Shelves: Put cabinet in the upper side of your bathroom. You can put open shelves to keep cosmetics. It’s better to keep open-shelves to take the items easily. Put a cabinet under the basin to utilize the space, it’s called vanity.

6. Furniture: Keep one or two buckets and a mug. A stool can be useful if you like to sit while taking bah. Keep a rack to hang towels and cloths. Use a trash can to put used packets and tissues. Never throw those into commode or sinks.  Keep a mirror over basin to observe your face while you wash your face.

7. Appliances: Use shower panel which are including hand and head shower. Also hot shower water or geyser for winter. The geyser will be set up inside the false ceiling.

8. Devices: Put a washing machine to wash clothes. Also use hair dryer that can be used both for hair and clothes to dry.   

9. Shower Cubicle and bathtub: Shower Cubicle is an small partition inside the bathroom for taking shower that saves the whole bathroom to get wet from splashing out of water. For small bathroom it’s better to use Shower Cubicle instead of bathtub. But if you have enough space, you can use the both.  

Modern Bathroom Design, Shower Cubicle, Furniture, Cabinet, Commode, Basin

10. Steam Bath: Steam Bath is used for luxurious bathroom inside the shower case. Go inside the shower case, close the glass lid and switch on the steam. It gives an immense pleasure of taking a steam bath   

11. Commode: Must use Indian style commode in the toilet because it’s scientifically right to use instead of western commode. Research says, Indian style commode gives you the facility to sit on feet instead of butt. It creates the acute angle inside your lap so that it helps to clear your stomach completely. It’s definitely good for health and gives you the complete freshness.

12. Music System: Create a music system and make your bathroom extraordinary.  It’s very popular to listen music while you use toilet or take bath. Music makes your mind fresh. Everyone should listen music, it’s very brain friendly, creates synapse connection among neurons and make your brain powerful.  

13. Magazine Shelf: Keep magazine shelf near the commode so that you can read out your favourite magazine while sitting on the commode.

14. Wifi Connectivity: Install wifi connectivity inside the bathroom it saves your time in your very busy life. You can check important emails and appointment at once.

15. Automation: Make your bathroom cool or hot according to monsoon and your need using automation system. Use vantilizer to refresh air inside the bathroom. Automation system enables bathroom to switch on the door, light and vantilizers fan as soon as you stand behind the door.  Similarly it switches off as soon as you come out from the bathroom and make your bathroom dry instantly so that next time you get a dry and fresh bathroom to use.

We the Luxurious Interior Design (Lid) make every arrangement from designing layout to furnish and decorate your bathroom that you have a heavenly environment there.

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