8 Mind-Blowing Small Apartment Closet Ideas for Your Bedroom Makeover

Not having enough closet space is quite common in today's bedrooms, isn't it? Obviously, all of us aren't really blessed with the walk-in closets of Carrie Bradshaw-level. Therefore, the narrower your closet is, the harder it gets for you to organize your clothes. However, a cluttered wardrobe that always seeks your attention for a makeover, can't be tolerated for long.

8 Mind-Blowing Small Apartment Closet Ideas for Your Bedroom Makeover

Thankfully, nothing to worry about, as we're here with a few wonderful small apartment closet ideas for you. So your mornings are no more frustrating because of your messy wardrobe. These gorgeous closet hacks will help you structure your entire wardrobe and will enlighten your tiny bedroom.

Your Little Bedroom & An Open Closet

Today's small apartment bedrooms cannot cope up with the traditional closet ideas due to lack of space. Despite looking for another square-like-idiot occupying your precious bedroom space, choose an open closet design. Just gather a combination of drawers and open shelves along with a few boxes, hanging rods and baskets.

These metal rods holding your clothes, add up a new charm to your little apartment bedroom and give you the ultimate satisfaction of having a great-looking closet. To make it more exciting, just get your bedroom walls painted and you're done with the small closet design ideas.

Make Use of The Etagere

There must be a lot of things that are not getting enough space in your closet to live. Why don't you make use of the modular shelving or the etagere in your bedroom? Just tuck away the usual clothing and showcase the prettier items through your bedroom modular shelves.

Trust me this is one of nicest small closet hacks capable of doubling the decor. Especially, if your bedroom walls and the etagere both are painted white and you put some warm and eye-soothing coloured items in it or add brackets to hang accessories, nothing will add more elegance to your room.

Niche Bedroom Closet

Now that we’re going ahead towards a perfect small apartment bedroom closet, let’s discuss the niche closet concept. In this closet idea, you get a number of open shelves with drawers below. You can use curtains instead of doors to embrace its elegance and cut down on your expense.

To add-up more spice to it, including your traditional dresses that have been lying inside for long. In case you've already put a traditional door to it, a custom basket hanger hanging from it would even double the design offering an increased shelf space. This comes under those small closet design ideas making your room look pretty and adorable.

Get Your Closet Its Shelf Dividers

Shoe organizers are certainly great for keeping your favorite ballerinas at bay. Similarly, these shelf dividers are also great for keeping heavy items like woolen clothes that you certainly don't want to stretch out accidentally on a hanger. Therefore, roll them up into your closed stack and let them be safe.

In order to keep all the stacks intact, there is no better option than the shelf dividers. Finally, you don't have to worry anymore about your woolens toppling over and thrusting on the ground as long as you have higher stack piles.

Dividing the Closet into Different Rooms

You've chosen a few small apartment closet ideas for your room. However, that doesn't mean it has to take place in your bedroom only and nowhere else. Let your closet find homes in your other rooms, your hallways and next to your washroom. In that case, have a clear mindset of which items will fit in which wardrobe before planning on creating it.

Remember, the wiser decision you make on diving your closet items, the less clumsiness it adds to your apartment. You can simply put the toiletries, towel and etc next to your bathroom closet, keep the shoes in the hallway closet and organize your clothes in your bedroom closet. Yes, this sounds like a pretty good idea to give your tiny apartment a neat look.

Let your Closet Step Up

Hanging up another bar above your actual closet is a great deal of doubling your closet space, in order to maximize the versatility, pick an option with hooks and hangers. As soon as you add up another level to your closet with a rod, you instantly attain a larger space to keep your clothes.

Point to be noted that this kind of closet contains hooks on both sides for hanging your accessories and purses. Thus you keep your closet neat and clean with an increased level of stacks. Remember, you should always keep your regular clothes hanging and the seasonal and optional clothes and items on the upper berth. So you don't have to peep around every day to bring down your necessary clothes.

Keep a Coat Rack in Your Bedroom Corner

This sort of closet helps you purchase specific hangers for specific items in order to make your little bedroom more spacious. For example, due to the open-ended designs, your trousers can easily swift and slide off the hangers. At the same time, as the hangers hang flat beside each other, you fit more clothes sliding into them easily.

Undoubtedly, coat-like heavy clothes cannot hang in the hangers. In that scenario, the easiest way to organize your bedroom is to keep a coat rack in its corner. Though your coats remain open, they hang straight against each other and add the perfect classy look to your room.

Get Creative with Office Supplies

On-shelf storage is another great idea to keep your jewelry, wristlets, and clutches. You can simply put them in a magazine file that automatically drives out your need for vanity tables or desks. Therefore, your little bedroom looks quite spacious now. Additionally, the gorgeous rods studio with DB hanging in a corner also looks elegant and classy.

Do you have a tendency of not throwing away your unnecessary old clothes and storing almost anything and everything? If yes, even the smartest small closet hacks will fail to satisfy your wardrobe needs. So ensure to keep only the new and usable clothes and accessories and let the old ones rest in peace.

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