A brief guide to choosing the best dining room table

A dining room table is not simply a place where family and friends come together to have their daily meals, but it also serves as the focal point of the house. Moreover, the other furnishing components of the room usually revolve around the dining room table, making it the center of attraction of the room.

The development of the interior designing industry has brought to the market a wide range of impressive dining tables that suit varied types of room decor. From glass top dining room table and chairs to tables that form a complete formal collection, to customized modern marvels, to re-purposed antique farm tables for kitchen dining- you get a multitude of options to choose from.

A brief guide to choosing the best dining room table

This wide gamut of choices undoubtedly makes selecting the best dining room table a bit challenging affair, more so, when you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

As the choices are practically infinite, and dining tables are generally an expensive purchase, you must take time in your quest to ensure it satisfies all your purposes.

Firstly, it will also be essential to ensure it suits your budget, the room space, and comes with enough seating arrangements. And needless to say, besides opting for an affordable table that delivers timeless elegance, it will be important to look for durability and quality when inspecting tables in furniture stores.

Sounds too confusing? Well, you need not worry!

We have compiled the best dining room table buying guide to help you out with the decor conundrum.

Read on to know more…

Go for the right size

This is going to be a two-pronged process- primarily; you have to make a note of what size works best for your dining room space, then also check whether that size works best for your family headcount. As per a famous interior designer in New York, Lucy Harris, following the footprint of the table, you may want three feet of breathing room on each side- and of course, more is always better to sit comfortably in a chair and move around the space.

Go for the right size

You also have to strike the right balance between the spaces of your room that will be occupied by the furniture and the empty spaces that allow you to navigate through the room easily. For example, a very small dining table in a large room might not serve as an ideal focal point, whereas a massive table might make the room look cramped and congested.

So begin by calculating the length and width of the area the dining room table will occupy. Then subtract approximately six feet from these two dimensions to determine the length and width of the dining table you should buy.

Buy a durable and sturdy one

A dining table is not something you can afford to buy every alternate year. So, in order to ensure it stands the test of time and survives the wear and tear of frequent dinner parties, chooses one made up of hardwood like oak, teak, mahogany, and walnut or the ones made of sturdy glass.

Though today you get cheaper alternatives made of engineered woods like plywood and MDF, we would suggest you go for the hardwood counterparts, as nothing beats the durability of classic mahogany dining tables.

Buy a durable and sturdy one

On that note, let's also mention that while wooden tables top the durability score, glass dining tables are also quickly gaining a strong foothold. They are currently ruling the market with their innovative designs that blend perfectly with any upgraded modern room decor. The reflective surface of the glass top dining room table and chairs instantly makes the room lighter and brighter, spicing up the mood of any party.

What’s more, today’s glass tables are made of tempered glass that is an extremely tough material and lasts for years to come. They are resistant to scratches, insulated from heat, and also come with a shatterproof warranty, making them an ideal style statement.

Consider the table supports

It will also be vital to ensure the leg space is not being compromised by the table supports. Your table base supports, which usually include legs or pedestal or trestle, will be directly related to how many guests will fit in the table. So, if you are buying the table in person, sit on the chair and stretch your legs to figure out whether your legs are touching the table’s pedestal or if there is sufficient space left. Also, check out if it provides ample room for accommodating your knees when you scoot in and whether you can cross your legs comfortably.

Consider the table supports

The best dining room sets for small spaces generally have thinner legs, or the legs are situated at the corners. This helpful construction allows you to be more flexible and squeeze one or two extra chairs whenever guests come over.

Choose an apt style

Now that you have narrowed down your options, you can finally focus on the most crucial aspect of a dining table, i.e., its style. Like every art form, interior design is also constantly evolving, and you will want to make sure the dining table works well with the other furniture of your home and harmonizes with the interior decor of the room.

Choose an apt style

Well, needless to say, the style will be closely linked to the personal space and preferences of you, as a homeowner. So, to pick a style that suits your decor, a good place to start will be to consider your lifestyle. Do you live in a small apartment with limited space and looking for the best dining room set for small space? Then you can go for a lightweight oval-shaped table with rounded corners to ease congestion. This shape also deems useful for squeezing in extra chairs when guests come over.

However, if you have no dearth of room and want to buy a large table for special occasions, you can buy bigger rectangular and round-shaped tables. Round tables are especially preferred by trendy homeowners as it comes with flexible seating arrangements and also aids ease of communication as everyone sits in equal speaking distance with everyone else.


A perfectly adorned dining table will form the foundation of the welcoming atmosphere of your living room. Gathering for dinners, birthday parties, and sharing laughter will become much more enjoyable when you pick a dining table, which speaks your personal style.

So, go through this guide prepared by the experts to pick the most functional and elegant one. This guide will help you ensure the new table blends with your room and fetches you the guest’s appreciation every time.

Good luck!

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