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Kids Room for the Next Generation

Education is the backbone of a nation- everyone knows that. But if we rise the question-  what’s the backbone of education? What can be the perfect answer for this? Yes, there are multiple factors may come in the field of education. But you can’t deny the role of “Facilities” in the field of education. If you want to make your nation educated, you must facilitate your people for that.  Almost all the human being start their academic education from childhood, and it’s the best time of life to get education.

Children are the future of the nation. It’s said in Bengali proverb that “ঘুমিয়ে আছে শিশুর পিতা সকল শিশুর অন্তরে(Fathers of the children are laid in the heart of all children)”. It means, today's children takes the responsibility of the of the future of the nation. The development, power and prosperity of a nation completely depends on how they build up their children from childhood to adulthood. The childhood of a human being is very much important to construct his/her life. A human being can learn faster in childhood then in adulthood. That’s why they absorb most of the knowledge in life is in childhood. We know, knowledge is power.

So, there is nothing to deny the role of education to build up a powerful nation. Now let’s talk about the backbone of education or the backbone of the backbone of nation- Facility. Government is liable to facilitate it’s people to educate the nation. Every citizen is also responsible for the same, and should play the role to work for facilitating the nation for education in any way. But as parents- you are solely responsible to facilitate your children in such a way that they get the best education.

In a sense, children are brought in the world by you both, and that’s why they are your “invited guest” in the world. It depends on your mind how you treat your invited guests. In Indian philosophy it’s said, “Atithi Deva Bhabah (May the guest/s be our god)”. So, it’s not only important as a father or mother- how are you treating your children but also more than important that- as the homeowner, how are you treating your guest. Consider your kids room as an another form of guest room or as an another form of god’s room in your place. Design your kid’s room in such a way that they get to spend their best childhood.

We the Luxury Interior Decoration (LiD) help you to get the best interior design and decoration for your kids room. Let’s discuss about some important topics we should know before designing-

Which Age Is Perfect for Kids to Have a Separate Room?

It’s an important decision for parents that when should you leave your child for a separate living.  

Co-sleeping with child is really up to the preference of the family. You can enjoy sleeping with your child till you feel OK or before they self-wean from your bed. According to paediatrics, keep your baby in crib in your bedroom for at least six months to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). In this way, infant  will be always nearby reach of mom, take care of the child and breastfeed. You can continue at most twelve months of age of your kids during this infancy period (generally, an infant is called a baby of less than one year old) in a crib. After that take your child with you to sleep on the same bed you sleep. Sleeping together with child is a good way to increase bond with parents.  In many cultures throughout the world, kids sleep with their parents till they are nine or ten years old. A general guide is around at the age of eight years old, children naturally want their own sleeping space. .... Read More


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